My paintings are derived from photographs of landscape sites to which I have a strong aesthetic response and depict landscape in both an untouched, natural state as well as constructed park sites. Using detailed geological maps, I go to great lengths to obtain my subject matter, hiking deep into the…
    As a painter of nature and landscape, I have also researched, developed and completed a series of paintings conveying how urban cultures manifest themselves in the design of urban public sites, parks, and gardens. I am interested in the physical form of the urban park as an aesthetic…
One of my areas of research for painting is scuba diving and underwater photography. Underwater photography, which I use to record the fleeting impressions of the dive has always surprised me in its unexpectedly sensuous richness, its visual complexity and its depth of meaning. The photographs provide both a visual…


Recent Exhibitions

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Han Gallery, June 14 - exhibition extended until July 31, 2018. 4109, Rue Ste Catherine Ouest, Westmount, (Montreal), Quebec  



Gallery Gevik, May 28 - June 24, 2016, 12 Hazelton Ave. Toronto, Ontario